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We are a boutique production company specializing in creative solutions and consulting. We help individuals, organizations and brands communicate their message in a meaningful and inspiring manner.


The “Jzuntos” name is a play on the proper spelling of “Juntos”, which means “together” in both Portuguese and Spanish.

It’s fitting considering the Jzuntos team is one big family from diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.


At the core of the Jzuntos workflow is collaboration. A team of creatives, we work with ideas, brands, organizations and agencies to find creative marketing solutions.


Combined, we have over 15 years of experience working internationally, bilingually and in a variety of sectors including lifestyle, tourism, government, corporate and health.

Ideas Man

Quaison Nangle

A bit about Quaison

Engineered records with award-winning Motown musicians, *won an Olympic gold medal, rappelled off a helicopter, directed commercials for international broadcast, *tracked a mountain lion, curated music for a nationally syndicated TV series, whittled a miniature grandfather clock with bare hands

*Still working on it

Aesthetically obsessed

Denise Militzer

A bit about Denise

Filmed internationally acclaimed graffiti artists in Brazil, *live sustainably and off the grid, trained at the Paris-St-Germain soccer stadium, *swam across Lake Ontario, exhibited photos in the UK, the Netherlands, Brazil and Canada, *built an igloo, had dengue fever and leptospirosis at the same time, *found a way to eradicate all mosquitoes

*Still working on it

Our Work


Below are some examples of our work. Enjoy!

Sports Portrait Photography

In Photography


In Hospitality / Photography

Big North Lodge

In Documentary / Photography / Video

Nosso Brasil

In Documentary / International / Photography / Video

Portrait Photography

In Corporate / Non-profit / Photography
Toronto Skyline

Ontario Investment and Trade Centre

In Corporate / Photography / Timelapse / Video

Insurance Brokers Association Ontario

In Corporate / Event / Photography / Video

Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) and Professional Immigrant Networks (PINs)

In Event / Non-profit / Photography / Video

Bayview Glen School

In Education / Video

Event Photography

In Corporate / Event / Non-profit / Photography

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